Membership Packages

An easy-button, price-reducing solution for busy families.

Buy hours in bulk and save big on time and expense!


Save 85% On Normal Rates

Easier/Faster Check-Ins

No Hidden Fees

Free Grippy Socks Rental


Single-Time Billing

Hours Never Expire

Account Balance Tracked

May Be Used On Multiple Kids

Hours cannot be used for special events, but members get a 10% discount!

Choose From 5 Great Options!

Rookie Package

$99 for 20 Anytime Hours

($4.95/hr Rate)

Captain Package

$199 for 46 Anytime Hours

($4.33/hr Rate)

All-Pro Package

$299 for 80 Anytime Hours

($3.74/hr Rate)

Hall-of-Fame Package

$499 for 160 Anytime Hours

($3.12/hr Rate)

Executive Package

$699 for 280 Anytime Hours

($2.50/hr Rate)

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