Pricing and Discounts

On-Demand Childcare / Coaching *

School Days

$16 Per Hour Rate

Weekends / Holidays / School Down Days

$20 Per Hour Rate

Grippy Socks **

$1 Per Session or $3 Purchase

* Charges are totaled by the minute at the end of the session based on check-in and check-out time. Subject to availability.

** All children must wear grippy socks in the facility. Families may bring their own, but Athleticademy socks will be available to rent or purchase.

Monthly Subscriptions ***

! Save up to 50% !

(Managed by Square Recurring Payments)

Special Package

$99 for 8 Anytime Hours

Premium Package

$199 for 20 Anytime Hours

*** Unused hours do not carry over to the following month. Overages are charged and billed separately at regular hourly rates. Charges will not be automatic -- reminders will be emailed to address on file. Hourly childcare amounts can be used after successful monthly payment with balances tracked by admin software. Certain scheduling restrictions may apply -- see associate for details.

Discounts ****

(Not Including Any Coupons or Promotions)

Siblings / Group Childcare

1 Full Hourly Rate, all others 50% Off

Work Hours (M-F non-holidays)

25% off care until 5pm

Long-Term Care


Veterans & Military Service Members

10% Off All Products & Services

**** Listings do not include any circulated coupons or promotions. Discounts may not be combined unless stated specifically. See an associate for details.