Membership Packages

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Choose From 5 Great Options!

Rookie Package

$99 for 20 Anytime Hours

($4.95/hr Rate)

Captain Package

$199 for 46 Anytime Hours

($4.33/hr Rate)

All-Pro Package

$299 for 80 Anytime Hours

($3.74/hr Rate)

Hall-of-Fame Package

$499 for 160 Anytime Hours

($3.12/hr Rate)

Executive Package

$699 for 280 Anytime Hours

($2.50/hr Rate)

Save up to 85% off normal rates -- free grippy socks rental included!

Unlike traditional childcare options, there are never any hidden fees!

Even easier and faster check-ins, pickups, and payments!

* Single-time billing options are by invoice or in-person at our center. Account hours are tracked by check-in/out software with the balance communicated to the parents at check-out. Account hours may be used on multiple children. Sibling discounts do not apply. Anytime hours cannot be used for special events.

* Any overages are charged and billed separately at regular hourly rates, although the parents will have the option to renew. Certain scheduling restrictions may apply -- see associate for details.