Toddler PLAY Time

Bring Your Little(s) In For Some FUN! *

Mommy-and-Me Style

Weekdays 11am-3pm

Learn Basic Movement Skills

Develop a Healthy Foundation

Great For Play Dates!

Safe/Adaptable Environment

No Reservations Required!

$3 Per Session Per Family

* Open-court format with safe basic sports equipment available for play. One parent is allowed to go into our play area per group of associated children. Grippy socks will be required if footwear is deemed unsafe.

* Regular drop-in childcare / coaching services will continue during these sessions. All entries and activity in our play area will be managed by the coach(es) on duty and subject to change without notice.

* Please leave any communicable diseases at home even though we sanitize equipment regularly. This service may be cancelled if schools are closed and additional services are offered at the center.