Our Policies

The health of our community is extremely important to us! We will continue our rigorous sanitizing procedures and precautions. Although we are a hybrid business and have a state childcare licensure recreational exemption, we will differ to TN DHS operating guidance.

Have FUN, be a good sport, & learn from coaches/players!

Knoxville West Town Mall Location

•Must be developmentally 3-12 years old (potty trained to teen)

•Kids must wear grippy socks in play area

•No unauthorized adults in play area

•No unauthorized food, drink, equipment, or medication in play area

•Lunches/snacks may be packed for chidren. A snack will be provided after 3 consecutive hours of stay.

•No entry with any communicable diseases (we sanitize everything multiple times per week)

•Security cameras and net fencing are employed for safety

•50% rate increase may be imposed after scheduled pickup

•Authorities will be called if parent cannot be contacted for 1 hour after scheduled pickup