Blog 2

My Background

By Megan Sikora

My husband told you a little bit about me in the last post, but I wanted to cover some more. I am not originally from Tennessee, but it has become my home. In fact, Tennessee in many ways reminds me of where I grew up. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, where I grew up in a very active family.

Growing Up Sporty

I started sports around 1st grade with t-ball. I played t-ball, coach-pitch, fast-pitch, and softball through 6th grade. There I had a coach ruin it for me, which is a big reason why we are starting this business. Athleticademy is designed to get your kids to fall in love with sports and not ruin it for them.

During my baseball faze of sports, my dad started his own business selling kayaks. So from there on out I would spend all every season but winter on the water kayaking. Eventually we even started kayaking in the brutal New England winter! Yes, my family and friends were a little nuts but we had a blast!

After baseball my interests shifted to horseback riding for a while, but I would later discover my true passion in soccer. I played fall soccer for the first time in 7th grade. I played again in 8th grade, and my coach asked if we wanted to do indoor soccer. From that point on, I played soccer almost every month of the year (in addition to kayaking!) until 12th grade.

I joined the military in October after my senior year in high school. While in the military, I continued to play soccer. I also played multiple team sports with my squadron including ultimate football (like ultimate frisbee), kickball, softball, and just about any other sport I could get involved in. I even had a horse for a little bit where I got back into horseback riding. I still love sports and enjoy playing them whenever possible.

We want to help your children develop a similar love of sport that strengthened me while growing up! Athleticademy will offer your children a taste of multiple sports in a safe, fun, and healthy environment. If they want to learn more of that sport, then we will be there to help them advance. Our system will help kids discover their true passions while also allowing parents to make smarter sport-investment decisions!